Can You Write College Papers Using AI?

Can You Write College Papers Using AI

You may have seen headings in the news like "Artificial Intelligence surprises experts by writing a winning college paper" or "AI image wins the photography award". We wanted to give publicly available AI's a test spin. So here is our brief effort. NOTE: The below paragraphs were ALL written by an Artificial Intelligence writer we tried. The only thing we have it was the title "Can you write college papers using AI?" and the keywords "college, research, homework, college papers, research papers, AI writers, plagiarism" and it built upon it to write about 200 words. We could have also asked...

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Executive MBA: Pros & Cons You Must Know

executive MBAs - pros and cons you must know

An MBA is among the most sought-after postgraduate programs in India and its popularity is increasing every year. Students are recent graduates as well as professional professionals with experience with diverse educational backgrounds and different requirements. There are two kinds of MBA programs in India to meet these requirements: The classic two-year MBA course (PGPD) is ideal for students with less or no prior experience. The Executive MBA is a 1-year program (EMBA) and is ideal for professionals in the workforce with substantial work experience. The Executive MBA program is focused on the same abilities as a two-year MBA program,...

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