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eBook Details:

Full title: ASTRO 3CE, 3rd Edition
Edition: 3rd
Copyright year: 2021
Publisher: Cengage Learning Canada Inc.
Author: Ghose, Milosevice-Zdjelar, Read
ISBN: 9780176857059, 9780176858117
Format: PDF

Description of ASTRO 3CE, 3rd Edition:
Created with a “student-tested, faculty-approved” approach, ASTRO, Third Canadian Edition is the first and only title that tells the global story of astronomy from a Canadian perspective. Multicultural and interdisciplinary examples range from Inuit, Mesopotamian, Indian, and other non-Western traditions in ancient astronomy to discussions of current developments like CERN, LIGO, and the discovery of Near-Earth Objects. Canadian astronomers and discoveries that have shaped the field are featured throughout, making the subject matter intriguing and more relevant to Canadian students. ASTRO 3CE clearly outlines the important facts and MindTap helps bring them to life.
Table of Contents of ASTRO 3CE, 3rd Edition PDF ebook:
CoverTitleCopyrightBrief ContentsContentsAbout the Authors1 The Scale of the Cosmos: Space and Time2 User’s Guide to the Sky: Patterns and Cycles3 The Origin of Modern Astronomy4 Astronomical Telescopes and Instruments: Extending Humanity’s Vision5 The Sun: The Closest Star6 The Family of Stars7 The Structure and Formation of Stars8 The Deaths of Stars9 The Milky Way Galaxy10 Galaxies11 Cosmology in the 21st Century12 Planet Formation and Exoplanets13 Comparative Planetology of the Terrestrial Planets14 The Outer Solar System15 Life on Other WorldsAfterwordAppendix A: Units and Astronomical DataAppendix B: Observing the SkyAppendix C: Celestial ProfilesIndex