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eBook Details:

Edition: 4th
Copyright year: 2021
Publisher: Cengage Learning Canada Inc.
Author: Erjavec, Restoule, Leroux, Thompson
ISBN: 9780176796174, 9780176837815
Format: PDF

Advancing technology continues to improve the operation and integration of the various systems of the automobile. These changes present ongoing challenges for students aiming to become successful automotive technicians. The fourth Canadian edition of Automotive Technology: A Systems Approach was designed and written to continue to prepare students for those challenges. This book concentrates on the need-to-know essentials of the various automotive systems (and how they have changed from the vehicles of yesterday), the operation of today’s vehicles, and what to expect in the near future. New technology is addressed throughout the book in addition to the standard technology that students can expect to see in most vehicles. Each topic is explained in a logical way. Many years of teaching have provided the author team of this text with a good sense of how students read and study technical material, as well as what draws their interest to a topic and keeps it there. This knowledge has been incorporated in the writing and the features of this book.
Table of Contents of AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY: A SYSTEMS APPROACH 4CE, 4th Edition PDF ebook:
BRIEF CONTENTSCONTENTSPHOTO SEQUENCESPREFACEFEATURES OF THE TEXTSUPPLEMENTSSection 1 Automotive TechnologyChapter 1: Careers in the Automotive IndustryChapter 2: Workplace SkillsChapter 3: Working Safely in the ShopChapter 4: Automotive SystemsChapter 5: Hand Tools and Shop EquipmentChapter 6: Diagnostic Equipment and Special ToolsChapter 7: Basic Theories and MathChapter 8: Preventive Maintenance and Basic ServicesSection 2 Engines?Chapter 9: Automotive Engine Designs and DiagnosisChapter 10: Engine DisassemblyChapter 11: Lower End Theory and ServiceChapter 12: Upper End Theory and ServiceChapter 13: Engine Sealing and ReassemblyChapter 14: Lubricating and Cooling SystemsSection 3 ElectricityChapter 15: Basics of Electrical SystemsChapter 16: Basics of Electronics and Computer SystemsChapter 17: General Electrical System Diagnostics and ServiceChapter 18: Batteries: Theory, Diagnosis, and ServiceChapter 19: Starting SystemsChapter 20: Charging SystemsChapter 21: Lighting SystemsChapter 22: Instrumentation and Information DisplaysChapter 23: Electrical AccessoriesChapter 24: Restraint Systems: Theory, Diagnosis, and ServiceSection 4 Engine PerformanceChapter 25: Ignition SystemsChapter 26: Ignition System Diagnosis and ServiceChapter 27: Gasoline, Diesel, and Other FuelsChapter 28: Fuel Delivery SystemsChapter 29: Electronic Fuel InjectionChapter 30: Fuel Injection System Diagnosis and ServiceChapter 31: Engine Performance SystemsChapter 32: Detailed Diagnosis and SensorsChapter 33: Intake and Exhaust SystemsChapter 34: Emission Control SystemsChapter 35: Emission Control Diagnosis and ServiceChapter 36: Hybrid VehiclesChapter 37: Electric VehiclesSection 5 Manual Transmissions and TransaxlesChapter 38: ClutchesChapter 39: Manual Transmissions and TransaxlesChapter 40: Manual Transmission/Transaxle ServiceChapter 41: Drive Axles and DifferentialsSection 6 Automatic Transmissions and TransaxlesChapter 42: Automatic Transmissions and TransaxlesChapter 43: Electronic Automatic TransmissionsChapter 44: Automatic Transmission and Transaxle ServiceChapter 45: Four- and All-Wheel DriveSection 7 Suspension and Steering SystemsChapter 46: Tires and WheelsChapter 47: Suspension SystemsChapter 48: Steering SystemsChapter 49: Wheel AlignmentSection 8 BrakesChapter 50: Brake SystemsChapter 51: Drum BrakesChapter 52: Disc BrakesChapter 53: Antilock Brake, Traction Control, and Stability Control SystemsSection 9 Passenger ComfortChapter 54: Heating and Air ConditioningChapter 55: Heating and Air-Conditioning Diagnosis and ServiceAPPENDIX A: DECIMAL AND METRIC EQUIVALENTSAPPENDIX B: GENERAL TORQUE SPECIFICATIONSIndex