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eBook Details:

Full title: Becoming and Being an Early Childhood Professional, 1st Edition
Edition: 1st
Copyright year: 2021
Publisher: Cengage Learning Canada Inc.
Author: Jane Bertrand
ISBN: 9780176916091, 9780176916169
Format: PDF

Description of Becoming and Being an Early Childhood Professional, 1st Edition:
Jane Bertrand’s Becoming and Being an Early Childhood Professional, First Edition, lays the groundwork for students to fully understand their role as an early childhood educator, and the importance it plays for the children in their care. This text explores early childhood education from its history to today’s 21st-century Canadian landscape. Through a play-based learning approach, the practice within this book is supported by public policies and research evidence. The text focuses on three broad themes: reduction of inequalities, respect for children, and expansion of opportunities. It will challenge and provoke students’ thinking and consideration of possibilities for exploring early learning.
Table of Contents of Becoming and Being an Early Childhood Professional, 1st Edition PDF ebook:
ContentsPrefaceAcknowledgementsAbout the AuthorForewordIntroductionSection 1: Early Childhood Education DefinedECE Leaders: Maureen DockendorfChapter 1: The Principles and Practices of Early Childhood EducationLearning ObjectivesImage of the ChildPrinciples of Early Childhood EducationEarly Childhood Education PracticesSummaryReview QuestionsStudy ActivitiesKey TermsSuggested ReadingsChapter 2: History of Early Childhood Education in CanadaLearning ObjectivesHistorical FoundationsMid-20th Century Theories and Early Childhood EducationCurrent Theories Informing Early Childhood EducationChild Care Centre Programs and Policies in CanadaSummaryReview QuestionsStudy ActivitiesKey TermsSuggested ReadingsSection 2: Play-Based LearningECE Leaders: Christine AldenChapter 3: Early Childhood Education Is Play-Based LearningLearning ObjectivesPlay MattersTypes of PlayThe Play-Learn ContinuumPlay and ChildhoodSummaryReview QuestionsStudy ActivitiesKey TermsSuggested ReadingsChapter 4: Outdoor PlayLearning ObjectivesFocus on Outdoor PlayA Pedagogy of Outdoor PlayRisky PlaySummaryReview QuestionsStudy ActivitiesKey TermsSuggested ReadingsChapter 5: Early Childhood Education Curriculum ApproachesLearning ObjectivesCurriculum ApproachesCurriculum Approaches to Support Self-RegulationIndigenous Curriculum ApproachesSummaryReview QuestionsStudy ActivitiesKey TermsSuggested ReadingsChapter 6: Early Learning FrameworksLearning ObjectivesThe Purposes of Early Learning FrameworksInternational Early Learning FrameworksShared FocusSummaryReview QuestionsStudy ActivitiesKey TermsSuggested ReadingsSection 3: Early Learning EnvironmentsChapter 7: Time, Space and PeopleLearning ObjectivesTimeSpacePeopleSummaryReview QuestionsStudy ActivitiesKey TermsSuggested ReadingsChapter 8: Learning ExperiencesLearning ObjectivesLearning PathwaysCurriculum AreasSummaryReview QuestionsStudy ActivitiesKey TermsSuggested ReadingsChapter 9: Intentional TeachingLearning ObjectivesObservationDocumentationPlanningAssessmentReflective PracticeSummaryReview QuestionsStudy ActivitiesKey TermsSuggested ReadingsChapter 10: Quality MattersLearning ObjectivesWhat Is Quality in ECE Programs?Components of Quality in ECE ProgramsEvaluating QualitySummaryReview QuestionsStudy ActivitiesKey TermsSuggested ReadingsECE Leaders: Dr. Christine McLeanSection 4: The Early Childhood Education LandscapeChapter 11: Early Childhood Education Programs and PoliciesLearning ObjectivesEarly Childhood Education Programs in CanadaPrograms and Services Related to Early Childhood Education ProgramsIntegrating Early Education and Child CareEarly Childhood Education Public Policies in CanadaEarly Childhood Education Outside CanadaSummaryReview QuestionsStudy ActivitiesKey TermsSuggested ReadingsChapter 12: Early Childhood Educators: Looking AheadLearning ObjectivesThe ECE Professional EnvironmentThe ECE Work EnvironmentAdvocating for Early Childhood EducationSummaryReview QuestionsStudy ActivitiesKey TermsSuggested ReadingsECE Leaders: Jamie KassReferencesGlossaryIndex