Payroll Accounting 2021, 31st Edition – PDF ebook

Payroll Accounting 2021, 31st Edition – PDF ebook Copyright: 2021, Edition: 31st, Author: Bernard J. Bieg; Judith A. Toland, Publisher: Cengage Learning, Print ISBN: 9780357358283, etext ISBN: 9780357358269, Format: PDF


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Full title: Payroll Accounting 2021, 31st Edition
Edition: 31st
Copyright year: 2021
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Author: Bernard J. Bieg; Judith A. Toland
ISBN: 9780357358283, 9780357358269
Format: PDF

Description of Payroll Accounting 2021, 31st Edition:
Gain first-hand experience and the thorough foundation needed to calculate payroll, complete payroll taxes, and prepare payroll records and reports. Bieg/Toland’s market-leading PAYROLL ACCOUNTING 2021 introduces the latest payroll laws and developments. This edition focuses on practical applications rather than theory with hands-on exercises, detailed examples and business applications that highlight the relevance of concepts. In addition, each problem corresponds to a specific example or illustration that clearly demonstrates the steps to solve the problem. An extensive project in the last chapter lets you apply what you’ve learned as a payroll accountant. This edition also covers the Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) from the American Payroll Association. PAYROLL ACCOUNTING 2021 provides a thorough understanding of payroll for success both now and throughout your business career.Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Table of Contents of Payroll Accounting 2021, 31st Edition PDF ebook:
As We Go To PressPrefaceAcknowledgmentsAbout The AuthorsContentsChapter 1: The Need for Payroll and Personnel RecordsThe Payroll ProfessionFair Labor Standards ActFederal Insurance Contributions ActIncome Tax Withholding LawsUnemployment Tax ActsRecordkeeping RequirementsFair Employment LawsOther Federal Laws Affecting the Need for Payroll and Personnel RecordsOther State Laws Affecting the Need for Payroll and Personnel RecordsHuman Resources and Payroll Accounting SystemsHuman Resources SystemRecordkeeping SystemPayroll Accounting SystemChapter 2: Computing Wages and SalariesThe Fair Labor Standards ActDetermining Employee’s Work TimeRecords Used for TimekeepingMethods of Computing Wages and SalariesChapter 3: Social Security TaxesCoverage Under FICAA Self-Employed PersonEmployer Identification NumberEmployee’s Application for Social Security Card (Form SS-5)Returns Required for Social Security PurposesPreparing Form 941 (Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return)Failure-to-Comply PenaltiesChapter 4: Income Tax WithholdingCoverage Under Federal Income Tax Withholding LawsTax-Deferred Retirement AccountsRevised Form W-4 And Withholding CalculationsFederal Income Tax WithholdingOther Methods of WithholdingSupplemental Wage PaymentsWage and Tax StatementsReturns Employers Must CompleteInformation ReturnsIndependent Contractor PaymentsBackup WithholdingElectronic Filing Form W-2 and Information ReturnsWithholding State Income TaxChapter 4 SupplementWithholding AllowancesFederal Income Tax WithholdingChapter 5: Unemployment Compensation TaxesCoverage Under FUTA and SUTAUnemployment Compensation Taxes and CreditsUnemployment Compensation Reports Required of the EmployerChapter 6: Analyzing and Journalizing PayrollThe Payroll RegisterThe Employee’s Earnings RecordRecording the Gross Payroll and WithholdingsMethods of Paying Wages and SalariesRecording Payroll TaxesRecording Workers’ Compensation Insurance ExpenseRecording the Deposit or Payment of Payroll TaxesRecording End-of-Period AdjustmentsSummary of Accounts Used in Recording Payroll TransactionsIllustrative CaseChapter 7: Payroll ProjectBooks of Account and Payroll RecordsGeneral InformationStart of Payroll ProjectEnd-of-Year ActivitiesAccounting Records and ReportsProject Audit TestsAppendix A: Excel Template Instructions for the Glo-Brite Payroll Project (Chapter 7: Short Version)Tax TableCheck FiguresGlossaryIndexFederal Payroll Taxes Calendar