Sociocultural Anthropology, 4th Edition – PDF ebook

Sociocultural Anthropology, 4th Edition – PDF ebook Copyright: 2021, Edition: 4th, Author: Richard H. Robbins, Maggie Cummings, Karen McGarry, Publisher: Cengage Learning Canada Inc., Print ISBN: 9780176870997, etext ISBN: 9780176875367, Format: PDF


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eBook Details:

Full title: Sociocultural Anthropology, 4th Edition
Edition: 4th
Copyright year: 2021
Publisher: Cengage Learning Canada Inc.
Author: Richard H. Robbins, Maggie Cummings, Karen McGarry
ISBN: 9780176870997, 9780176875367
Format: PDF

Description of Sociocultural Anthropology, 4th Edition:
Taking a unique, problem-based approach, the fourth Canadian edition of this text encourages students to apply a critical mindset to the key concepts and methods outlined throughout the textbook. Each chapter is organized around an intellectual “problem” and then further divided into a series of questions that addresses them from an anthropological perspective. This approach, along with discussion of current and contemporary issues, encourages students to imagine what it is like to be an anthropologist in the field, bridging the gap between class and fieldwork.
Table of Contents of Sociocultural Anthropology, 4th Edition PDF ebook:
Cover PageTitle PageHEOA-1Copyright PageBrief ContentsContentsPrefaceAbout the AuthorsPutting the World in PerspectiveChapter 1: Culture and MeaningChapter 2: Doing Fieldwork in Sociocultural AnthropologyChapter 3: The Meaning of Progress and DevelopmentChapter 4: Constructing RealitiesChapter 5: Constructing Families and Social RelationshipsChapter 6: Constructing IdentitiesChapter 7: Social HierarchiesChapter 8: The Nation-State, Globalization, and NeoliberalismChapter 9: Resolving ConflictGlossaryBibliographyIndex